TrisDevs Application's Terms of Service

The agreements for the users of Any TrisDevs Application due to Discord's Developer Terms of Service (Defined as Discord TOS).

Last Updated: August 4, 2019.

Usage: By using TrisDevs Application, users agree to have their information usable and manipulated for improving and general use of TrisDevs Application. Any data collected will be collected anonymously and, in most cases, not stored.

There are two levels of data agreement in which users can interact with TrisDevs Application. The first level of data agreement is labeled as "having TrisDevs Application in the same Discord guild that the user is in". By inviting TrisDevs Application into the guild, all users within the guild agree to the first level. The only data stored at this first level is all of the guild configuration settings and a temporary cache of each user which is handled with the Discord.js library, a required package that allows TrisDevs Application to communicate with Discord's API. TrisDevs Application uses the "master" branch of this library and for further questions about the library can be directed appropriately on their GitHub page linked here: https://github.com/discordjs/discord.js

The second level of data agreement is labeled as "users who have used the daily command at least once". Since TrisDevs Application is not allowed to store user data without explicit permission from the user as part of Discord TOS, the daily command is a way for users to give such permission to store data. The daily command sets up a user profile which contains items such as: credits, reputation points, profile names, and similar items. Any profile names are stored with user's permission as they will set it to their own via a separate command. All user information will be stored under their unique Discord ID. Some commands like the daily and rep command will also store the timestamp in which the user used the command last for the sole purpose of validating a wait period.

All credits, reputation points, and inventory items are generated and hold no real monetary value. They are purely for entertainment and users who use credits, reputation points, or inventory items for real monetary sales and profits are to be reported and blacklisted.

The report command falls under a special category as TrisDevs Application takes the user's Discord ID and tag for feedback. Under Discord TOS, this doesn't require any other permission as feedback is sent from the user to TrisDevs Application's developer Discord guild where the developer can view, read, and act upon the feedback. Therefore, it stays within Discord and no other actions are required of the data. If abused, the user may be blacklisted from the command.

Developer Usage: For users of the developer version of TrisDevs Application, a command may be reload with console.log() to check variables as they pass through the command. This data is not stored, however, users of the developer version are required to know and accept that their data maybe logged for developmental reason during fixes and improvements.

Data Requests and Removal: Users may contact the developer for the current user profile on Any TrisDevs Application at any time using the contact information defined in the contact section. The user's information will be sent to them in the most convenient way for both parties and decrypted for general viewing. After the profile has been received, the developer will delete the sent file 48-72 hours later and any leak from that file will be up to the user's responsibility and discretion.

If the user wants for their user profile to be deleted for whatever reason, they may message the people in the contact section below. However, once deleted, there is no way to recover the lost data.

Disclaimer: If for any reason TrisDevs needs to store more data, these terms will change with notice in future notices. If users are using any TrisDevs Application, these terms may change overnight. The developer(s) will try to pass the news on quickly, however, cannot guarantee that the news will be current before the changes happen. Any questions based on recent changes, please refer to the Contact section of this file.

The CEO of TrisDevs does not knowingly know of any stored data of users under the age of 13. If a user under the age of 13 is found with data on Application, the data will be deleted and the user will be reported to Discord.


 Users are aware and agree to the following terms defined above. They are also aware that changes in the Terms of Service will be announced in a message in either a Email or DM.

For Development: Users are aware and agree to the following terms defined above. They are also aware that changes in the Terms of Service can change overnight and will be notified of these changes as soon as humanly possible. Users are also aware of the potential of console.log() in which data will be logged for development purposes defined in the Developer Usage section.


For any questions, complaints, etc... either message TrissieTheHusky#7771 via Discord or send me an email at tristin@trisdevs.com .